Process Before Plan

The transformative economic revitalization of Downtown San Bernardino, through the co-creation of a shared vision, relies upon collaborative partnership between the CITY, COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS and MASTER DEVELOPER, and a commitment to place PROCESS Before PLAN. All too often, the unveiling of a Plan prior to the introduction of the Process leads to community opposition that can result in the premature derailment of even a well-conceived project. Conversely, the PROCESS Before PLAN approach enables the San Bernardino community, including private property owners, to participate in the vital role of co-authorship through their early involvement in the Process which would result in the co-creation of the Plan. PROCESS Before PLAN allows for the return of the “Art of Listening,” which is essential to RDICO’s Triple-Bottom-Line development approach. The City’s commitment to a PROCESS Before PLAN approach through the selection of RDICO as the Master Developer, and RDICO’s unique qualifications and experience to lead a collaborative and holistic Process, will expedite San Bernardino’s implementation of comprehensive downtown revitalization that is economically viable, vibrant, and pedestrian-friendly.

RDICO provides a Master Development program that fast-tracks comprehensive investment for an inspiring community-driven vision.

San Bernardino’s direct benefits from a partnership with RDICO as Master Developer includes:

  • Enthusiastic community support
  • Certainty of entitlements
  • Property owner collaboration
  • Attainable housing at a meaningful scale
  • Expedited investments
  • Accelerated development timeline
  • Community Benefits Agreement for local stakeholders
  • Significant new income streams to the City
  • Creation of a regional destination

The all too common ‘infill development’ approach will not work to revitalize a disinvested suburban downtown since a vibrant downtown is a complex living ecosystem which requires the interaction of all species to thrive. A collaborative partnership between the City and RDICO as the Master Developer will result in the co-creation of a 21st Century development program that will make San Bernardino a model for transformative suburban downtown redevelopment throughout California.


The selection of a Master Developer by the City has created a new and exciting opportunity for growth and development in Downtown San Bernardino. 

Downtown San Bernardino’s proximity to the San Bernardino Regional Transit Center and the sbX High-Speed Bus Rapid Transit System symbolizes an enormous opportunity to bring about positive transformation through the strategic intersection of land use and transportation. By returning to its roots, the City of San Bernardino (“City”), which blossomed around a transit stop along the Pacific Electric’s San Bernardino Line in 1907, is uniquely positioned for a watershed moment by reframing its shopping and entertainment amenities in a walkable, pedestrian-friendly Downtown Transit-Oriented District. This will result in a significant increase in job creation, property tax revenues, sales tax revenues and economic development, in addition to numerous health and quality of life benefits.

The potential for a sustainable revitalization strategy can be realized through the creation of a holistic and comprehensive approach which allows for the City, Community Stakeholders and Master Developer to co-create a development program built on the Carousel Mall site as the catalyst for transformation of Downtown San Bernardino into the epicenter of the Inland Empire— and as a 21st century model for development throughout the country.

Today, San Bernardino is in the enviable position of completing a comprehensive update to its General Plan while simultaneously creating a Downtown Specific Plan. As Master Developer, RDICO believes very strongly that Downtown San Bernardino’s development time-frame can be dramatically reduced through custom-tailored zoning enhancements vis-à-vis an opt-in form-based zoning code that could yield as many as 15,000 units of attainable housing as part of a sustainable, vibrant, and thriving downtown.

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