RDICO is committed to addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the nation today. Disinvested communities, suburban sprawl, lack of housing options, unemployment and rising levels of poverty are some of America’s most urgent socio-economic challenges that our team focuses on daily through the work we do.

RDICO’s holistic and comprehensive approach to social impact real estate development provides structural solutions that are uniquely tailored to communities with the highest need. Our impact-driven real estate model can help to respond to these critical needs.

Triple-Bottom-Line Analysis – Social Impact Investment (SII) is now being measured, and in many instances required, to fulfill Social Returns on Investment (SROI) mandates. RDICO’s social impact real estate development model adheres to these forward-thinking standards which will provide multi-benefits to San Bernardino and the surrounding region not just during the development phase, but for generations into the future of the City and its Community. The social impact created by this 21 Century development program will extend far beyond San Bernardino by providing the entire state and appropriate regions in the country with a sustainable and equitable model for development.

A few of the potential benefits of our Triple-Bottom-Line Analysis for San Bernardino would include:

Social Sustainability Analysis:

  • Attainable Housing Analysis
  • Social Impact & Equity Study
  • Social Returns on Investment (jobs, contracting opportunities, services, retail, & entertainment)
  • Multi-modal & active transportation, regional connectivity, quality of life improvements

Environmental Sustainability Analysis:

  • Climate-smart development, community greening & urban cooling for climate resiliency
  • Healthy land use for improved health outcomes
  • Open space, bike trails connecting transit hubs, & multi-modal transportation options
  • Reduced vehicle miles traveled & mobile emissions for better air quality

Economic Sustainability Analysis:


  • Job creation & economic development
  • Sustainable fiscal outcomes for the City, community, and potential developers
  • Shared economic prosperity through attainable housing, substantial new revenues for the City & other economic benefits from the crowdsourced Community Benefits Agreement.
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