At RDICO we believe that it often takes
Respectful Disruption to bring about Positive Change

Social Responsibility:

  • Commitment to provide Social Returns on Investment (SROI)
  • Commitment to provide Equitable
    Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD)
  • Commitment to provide Attainable Housing
  • Commitment to provide Healthy land use

“if you do good, you’ll do well”

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Commitment to implementation of
    Climate-Smart strategies
  • Commitment to reduce greenhouse
    gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Commitment to a sustainable built environment
  • Commitment to protect & preserve water

“act now or pay later”

Economic Responsibility:

  • Commitment to implementation of Social Impact Investments (SII)
  • Commitment to community-driven
    economic development
  • Commitment to economic sustainability
  • Commitment to job creation & local businesses

 “a stimulus package in the works”


To create healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities for people from all walks of life while adhering to our Triple-Bottom-Line principles of social, environmental and economic responsibilities.


To collaborate with Community Stakeholders and Municipalities to co-create Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in order to maximize Social Returns on Investment.


Center around the belief that “If You Do Good, You’ll Do Well” and are embedded in the DNA of every member of Team RDICO.

To stay true to and uphold our Mission, Vision and Values RDICO has developed a Core Revitalization Methodology that fully respects community-driven redevelopment of suburban downtowns located in proximity to major metropolitan areas throughout the country.


San Bernardino Team

Ernesto Hidalgo

Strategic Development & Government Affairs

Karen Carroll

Director of Operations

Raul Salinas

Legal Counsel

Jerry Ruiz

Legal Counsel

Carl Dameron

Public Relations

Michael Fusco

Technology Management

Siris Barrios

Community Outreach

Gerhard Mayer

Architecture and Planning

Luiz Aragon

Municipal Affairs

Valda Wilson

Public Relations/Government Relations Specialist

Cheryl Brown

Public Relations

Michelle Brennan

Research & New Business Development

Kevin DeVito

Visual and Analytical Technology

Marilu Vargas

Senior Property Manager

Liza Torkan

House Counsel

Sebastian Elghanian

Senior Asset Manager

Kathleen Calva

Project Manager

Dan Calva

Construction Manager

Jamie Schwartzman

Creative Strategist

Peter Ding

Visual and Analytical Technology

Kimberly Farrell


Ethan Elkins

Visual Technology

Louis Giacalone

Architecture and Planning

Dr. Martin Cantor


Gerard Giosa

Transportation Logistics

Robert Ardolino

Federal Grants

Chris DeMartino

Video Productions

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